A Brief study about PSLE

The Primary School Leaving Examination (PSLE) is a national examination organized every year for the Students who are studying the sixth year of Primary School in Singapore. Every student must clear this to move on to the Secondary school. And it administered by the Ministry of Education Singapore. As many students consider Maths as one of the difficult subjects to study. Students choose to attend PSLE Math tuition center to clear this exam. The purpose of the Mathematics examination is to assess the students’ understanding of mathematics at the end of primary education with respect to the objectives of the Mathematics (Primary) syllabus.

Objectives for Assessment: Students should be able to

      Should have knowledge in the subject to recall specific mathematical facts, concepts, rules, and formulae, and perform straightforward computations.

      Should be able to comprehend and also to interpret data and use mathematical concepts, rules, and formulae and solve routine or familiar mathematical problems.

      Should be able to analyze and apply data to mathematical concepts, rules, and formulae in a complex situation, and solve unfamiliar problems.

The format of examination:

The examination has three booklets which contain two written papers. Both written papers will be written on the same day and students will have a small break between the two papers.

•          Paper 1 comprises two booklets. And calculators are not allowed.

•          Paper 2 comprises one booklet. And calculators can be used.

The Paper contains three types of questions.

•          Multiple-choice Question- For each question, four options are provided of which only one is the correct answer. A candidate has to choose one of the options as his correct answer.

•          Short-answer Question- For each question, a candidate has to write his answer in the space provided. Any unit required in an answer should be written in space provided.

•          Structured / Long-answer Question- For each question, a candidate has to show his working steps clearly and write his answer in the provided space.

The Release of Results:
All Students who are writing the PSLE will choose their secondary schools after the release of the PSLE results. The introduction of a post-PSLE results school option exercise for posting to Secondary One is an initiative by the MOE(Ministry Of education) to improve its service to parents and pupils. Parents will be given an information booklet on “How to Choose Secondary Schools” to decide on their choices of secondary schools with more information.

Learning math has the capability to stimulate the brain in ways unlike other courses required at the high school and college level and is necessary for the improvement of the quality of life in individuals. To clear this PSLE student try to consult and get teaching from the best teachers. In the case of best math tuition teacher Singapore has many famous tuition centers which provide best mentors of these students. As the need of math is necessary, it should be required that all students reach an appropriate level where basic problem-solving skills are taught and the use of addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division become second nature.