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Ok So this here is my second attempt at the Animated Comic Book Covers challenge, from the DS106 Assignment Bank. I remember these small comic books that girls mostly used to read in the digest or double digest form. I Archie comics could be considered a true American since they have been around for so long(since 1939 actually) and the Archie brand has some spin-offs as seen on their website.

For this gif I used Photoshop instead of Gimp or Pixlr. What I did was to change the original image from a jpg to a psd layer. I then duplicated the original layer as a means of back up so I could work with my additional copied layers. So I started in my third copy where I decided to remove Archie’s bubble since I wanted to effect of the characters talking. So after removing the bubble I had to fill in the area to try to make it seemed as if the bubble was never there. So I used the clone stamp tool which was pretty efficient but rather tedious, but forces you to try to stick to detail. So after taking out Archie’s bubble and cleaning up the gap, I copied that image and repeated the same process for Josie’s bubble. I also proceeded to remove the and copy the music notes and place them on a new layer collectively, then individually with the birds. Then lastly the radio antenna. So after numerous copy and pasting of layers to get the different placements which really takes some time I ended up with nine different different layers for my animation. For the animation the layers had to be organized in order then for each layer I had to I time play ranging from 0.1, .0.2 or 0.5 seconds to make it seem somewhat legit. So here we have above the end product and below the original comic book cover.






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